As Puza Academy, we set out with the mission of making Turkey a training base in the world. In choosing the country where international students want to see their higher education, we have taken the principle of intoducing Turkey's advantages to them in the best way and preparing them for the future with a world-class education system where technology and traditional education are blended. We continue to be the first address for students who want to make a professional preparation and want to guarantee their success with our education system based on the full learning method that we have established in this direction, our education technologies and publications that we have constantly developed. We are constantly updating our institution, which was established in Ankara in 2007, by following all the developments in education systems and technologies in the world, in order to reach the best.

At Puza Academy, we try to create an environment that motivates our students and gives them confidence and enthusiasm so that they can achieve the best possible results. Our curriculum, which is based on the demands of students in direct proportion to the exams they will participate in, is tailored to the specific needs of the individual. In addition to their academic education, our students recognize different cultures, develop socially and enjoy learning through the relationships they have with students from different countries and social activities they participate in. They also have the opportunity to benefit from an environment in our academy that maintains academic rigour and discipline and is based on mutual respect between teachers and students. The progress of our students is monitored at every step by their individual advisors and their needs are met quickly. Our staff is dedicated to the happiness and well-being of our students; as part of our professional counselling system we provide, we guide them on a very personal level in their academic and social fields. Together the staff and students from the unique character of our school, and many of our students succeed not only in their exams, but later in their university life and in the next steps of their lives. Every year we place hundreds of international students in Turkey's leading universities. In addition to the international students whp want to study in Turkey, we also prepare our students who want to apply to the world universities that are in the top 50 universities in the world rankings through our professional preparation and counseling system. The admissions we receive to universities that are inside the top 10 in the world rankings are an indication of how rigorously we continue this work.

We invite you, our dear students, to visit us and determine what kind of program you need yo follow to achieve your goals.

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