(Secondary School
Admission Test)


    The Secondary School Admission Test (SSAT) is an admission test administered to students in grades 3–11. Students who apply to independent or private elementary, middle, and high schools provide this test with their application.

    There are three levels of the test: the Elementary Level (entrance to grades 4 and 5), the Middle Level (entrance to grades 6–8), and the Upper Level (entrance to grades 9–12).

    The SSAT consists of a writing sample (it is not scored) and multiple choice sections that include quantitative (mathematics), reading comprehension, and verbal questions.



    In the Middle and Upper Level SSATs, there are two 30-minute math sections with 25 questions each. The quantitative questions measure the student’s knowledge of basic quantitative concepts, algebra, and geometry.

    Reading Comprehension

    In the Middle and Upper Level SSATs, there are 40 questions in the 40-minute reading comprehension section. The SSAT uses two types of writing: narrative (excerpts from novels, poems, short stories), and argument, which presents a definite point of view about a subject.

    The reading section of the EL SSAT consists of seven short passages, each with four multiple-choice questions. These passages may include prose and poetry, fiction and nonfiction.


    The verbal section on the Middle and Upper Level SSATs is 30 minutes long and has 30 analogy and 30 synonym questions. Students need to identify synonyms and to interpret analogies. The synonym questions test the strength of the students' vocabulary. The analogy questions measure the student’s ability to relate ideas to each other logically.

    The verbal section of the EL SSAT has two parts. The first is a vocabulary section and the second is an analogy section. These sections test word relationships, understanding of language, word meanings.

    Writing Sample

    In the writing sample section of the Middle and Upper Level SSATs, students are given a choice of two writing prompts. The writing sample section is 25 minutes long and is not scored.

    The writing sample on the Elementary Level SSAT gives students an opportunity to express themselves through written response to a picture prompt. Students are asked to look at the picture and tell a story about their interpretation of the image.


    Upper ve Middle seviyede öğrenciler her doğru yanıt için 1 puan kazanırlar, her yanlış yanıt için ¼ puan kaybederler ve boş sorular için puan alamazlar.

    Elementary seviyede öğrenciler her doğru yanıt için 1 puan kazanırlar, yanlış ve boş sorular için puan alamazlar.

    Her bölüm ayrı puanlanır ve toplam bir puan da hesaplanır. Middle seviye için puanlar 440-710 arasındadır, Upper seviye için 500-800 arasındadır, Elementary de ise 300- 600 arasındadır.

    Amerika’da liseye başvuru süreci, üniversite başvuru süreci kadar ayrıntılıdır. Birçok okula başvuru için ISEE veya SSAT sınavı şartı yer almaktadır. Bazı okullar ise 9-12. sınıf başvuruları için SAT veya ACT sınav sonuçlarını ister. Puza Akademi’de, lise eğitimine yurtdışında devam etmek isteyen, ISEE veya SSAT’ye girmeyi planlayan öğrenciler için matematik ve İngilizce hazırlığı desteği sunuyoruz.