These are intensive programs which are prepared for the students who will stay in Turkey for a long term and willing to study in a Turkish university.

The students who complete their Academic Turkish courses in Puza Academy can easily understand the lessons in universities and can do their researches from various resources in Turkish.

Academic Turkish courses also prepare the students to "the Turkish Diploma Exams" of universities. The foreign students who desire to study in a university of Turkey have to submit a Turkish competence certificate minimum at C1 level or diploma for their university applications.  The students who complete our academic Turkish course program can attend the "Turkish Diploma Exam" which is applied separately by universities. The students who pass the exam with minimum C1 level are awarded their certificates or diplomas. For detailed information on Turkish diploma exams, you can contact Puza Turkish department or you can contact us.

In the lessons, the academic terms and grammar subjects that are mainly used in universities are prioritized, and all lessons are intended for developing the reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. When the courses are completed at the C1 or C2 level, the students who become successful in the course final exam deserve to get "Puza Turkish Competence Certificate".

The levels of the Academic Turkish courses are prepared in accordance with the European Language Standards and there are six levels in total. These are;

  • A1 (elementary 1)
  • A2 (elementary 2)
  • B1 (intermediate 1)
  • B2 (intermediate 2)
  • C1 (advanced 1)
  • C2 (advanced 2)


If, you want to improve your Turkish as your native language, you can continue your language training from C2 level.