The scientific level system we use allow you to improve your Turkish language skills with confidence, at your pace.

The levels and curriculum are prepared in accordance with the European Language Standards and there are six levels in total. The time for completing a level (course) may vary between one and a half month to five months depending on the program you join (standard, semi-intensive and intensive). Successfully completing elementary, intermediate and advance level courses will earn attendants their certificates after passing the final test.

  • A1 (Elementary 1)
  • A2 (Elementary 2)
  • (Elementary level Turkish certificate)
  • B1 (Intermediate 1)
  • B2 (Intermediate 2)
  • (Intermediate level Turkish certificate)
  • C1 (Advanced 1)
  • C2 (Advanced 2)
  • (Advanced level Turkish certificate)

A1 Level (Elementary 1): You will be able to use the simple everyday sentences, understand shopping dialogues, introduce yourself, ask questions about an object and describe it, ask about prices during shopping, ask directions for places such as movie theaters, restaurants, shopping centers etc., describe where you live, and tell your destination in transportation vehicles such as taxi, minibus, bus and etc.

A2 Level (Elementary 2): You will be able to talk about your family, friends and profession, make reservations at hotels or restaurants, and start using Turkish better when you are shopping. You also will be able to use simple sentences regarding recent events when communicating with your inner circle, and communicate with Turkish people using your field vocabulary. You will be able to express your needs and requests, as well as ask about the needs and requests of the counterparty. You will be able to express any problem you may experience in hotels, restaurants, shopping centers or during your trips, and solve rather simple problems on your own.

B1 Level (Intermediate 1): You will begin to understand the articles in newspapers and have a better command on more complex sentences you use in your daily life. You will be able to express the things you should or have to do, understand the main subject of some articles, and give information about the events you have experienced. You can have agreement and persuasion dialogues. At this level, students’ self-confidence levels will be much higher than the previous levels.

B2 Level (Intermediate 2): You will be able to understand several newspaper articles and speeches on radio and television, especially those in your fields of interest. You will be able to express your feelings and ideas more fluently and quickly, have agreement and persuasion dialogues, understand the topics of more complicated articles and have dialogues by using vocabulary in your fields of interest, search for anything on the internet, and your understanding for the Turkish activities such as meetings or seminars will increase significantly.

C1 Level (Advanced 1): You will be able to understand and summarize most of the articles and texts written in a specific field such as economics, politics, safety, science or arts, comprehend implied meanings that haven’t been expressed explicitly, adjust your tone according to the target-audience and use language more effectively, participate in discussions and argue your points verbally or in writing, understand meetings or seminars on particular subjects in Turkish, take notes and rephrase them, and make presentations in one of your fields of interest easily.

C2 Level (Advanced 2): You will be able to understand magazines and novels and make written or verbal comments on them, understand the discussions in meetings, courts and debates easily, attend job interviews,  observe Turkish language skill level of others, understand almost anything you listen or read. You will be able to manage impressive and fluent dialogues by perfectly adjusting your tone according to your feelings, while correcting your mistakes skilfully by changing the sentence structure without counterparty noticing anything.