Official Name:

    Republic Of Turkey



    Largest city:

    Istanbul, 14.967.667 (14th largest city in the world)


    Democratic unitary constitutional presidential republic


    82,003.882 (19th largest country in the world)


    814.578 km2 (37th largest country in the world)


    Turkey is a secular country with no official religion. The majority of its population is Muslim. There are also Christian, Jewish and atheist populations.

    GDP (per person):


    Geographic coordinates:

    26o and 45o East Meridian, 36o and 42o North Parallel

    Geographical location:

    Asia and Europe (Eurasia)

    Coastal borders:

    It is surrounded by the Black Sea in the north, the Aegean Sea in the West and the Mediterranean Sea in the South.


    Greece, Bulgaria, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Iran, Syria and Iraq.

    Number Of Cities:



    The Official Language Is Turkish. English is widely known in major cities.


    TL (Turkish Lira)

    Time zone:

    UTC +3

    Date format:

    DD/MM/YYYY (Gregorian)


    Office hours:

    Monday and Friday are the working days in Turkey. Most government offices, banks and private company offices are open from 09:00 to 17:00.

    Public holidays:

    Public holidays in Turkey are divided into two. Public holidays celebrated on the same date each year, and religious holidays celebrated on different dates as each year varies according to the calendar.

    • January 1 (New Year's Eve)
    • 23 April (National Sovereignty and Children's Day)
    • May 1 (Labor Day)
    • 19 May (Youth and Sports Day)
    • 15 July (Democracy and National Unity Day)
    • 30 August (Victory Day)
    • 28-29 October (Republic Day)
    • Eid al-Adha and Eid al-Adha are religious holidays that vary in date every year.


    220V. European type double-ended plugs are used. You can easily find the converters you need to use different standard electrical appliances.

    Traffic Flow:


    Communication Services:

    There are three GSM operators in Turkey, each providing 4.5G service. Internet access is available in all cities.

    Telephone Contry Code:

    + 90

    Internet Domain Name:




    Turkey is a country where different climates can be seen both as a result of its geographical location and its unique geographical features. According to the midrail climate features that the country shows, December, January, February the months of winter; March, April, May are spring months; June, July, August summer; September, October, November in the month of 4 seasons, the effects of the fall are seen. The country, which is surrounded by sea on three sides and whose surface area is mostly mountainous, has serious climate differences between inland and coastal regions. Although the western and southern coastal regions have a Mediterranean climate, the amount of rainfall these regions receive during the winter months is very small. However, in the inland regions where the altitude is high, there are very cold winter seasons compared to other Mediterranean countries.

    Geographical and climatic diversity in Turkey, agricultural production, sports activities, such as tourism provides a myriad of alternatives to take place. Holiday excitement at Cleopatra Beach, where tourists come from all over the world, rock climbing in Niğde Aladağlar National Park, which welcomes professional climbers from all over the world, and rafting in Artvin Çoruh River can be experienced within the borders of Turkey. In addition, Turkey is the leader in hazelnut, cherry, fig and apricot cultivation in the world, watermelon, pistachio, walnut, olive, tea is among the top five in the world in the cultivation of products.

    Celsius (°C) is used as a unit of temperature measurement in Turkey. The distribution of the average temperature in the year by cities is as follows:


    March 21/June 20 (Spring)

    June 21/September 21 (Summer) September 22/20 December (Autumn) 21 Aralık/20 Mart (Winter)



    24 16 7



    23 14 2


    16 27 19 10


    16 27 20 11


    12 23 17 8


    4 18 8 -7


    13 26 16 4


    13 24 16 6


    10 20 12 1


    11 22 13 1


    12 22 16 8



    Turkey has a position where we can reach countries in Europe and Asia in a few hours. Other than the Asian and European continents, transportation to different parts of the world has also been facilitated. There are flights from Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir and Antalya to hundreds of different destinations. The average transportation times to the central points of the world are as follows:

    • Australia (Sydney): 18 hours 40 minutes
    • Brazil (Rio): 12 hours 50 minutes
    • United States (New York): 10 hours
    • South Korea (Seoul): 9 hours 55 min
    • Morocco (Marrakech): 5 hours
    • Pakistan (Karachi): 4 hours 55 minutes
    • Kazakhstan (Astana): 4 hours 55 minutes
    • England (London): 3 hours
    • Algeria (Algiers): 2 hours 50 minutes
    • Iran (Tehran): 2 hours 30 minutes
    • Germany (Berlin): 2 hours 10 minutes
    • Russia (Moscow): 2 hours 10 minutes
    • Serbia (Belgrade): 2 hours
    • Bulgaria (Sofia): 40 minutes

    Domestic transportation is provided comfortably and safely through land and airline connections. The most common means of intercity transportation are luxury/comfortable buses that services such as food and beverage, internet, TV. Bus services are usually offered by dozens of private companies operating within certain regions.

    State-sponsored rail transportation is also widespread, comfortable and affordable. There are many high-speed rail lines based in Ankara and Istanbul. Work is also underway for new high-speed rail lines.

    There are many national airlines that provide domestic transportation. Most domestic flights take place via Istanbul and Ankara airports. More than 40 cities in Turkey have airports where domestic flights take place.

    The average times for the journey are as follows:

    • Istanbul-Adana: 1 hour 30 minutes
    • Istanbul-Ankara: 1 hour 5 minutes
    • Istanbul-Antalya: 1 hour
    • Istanbul-Gaziantep: 1 hour 40 minutes
    • Istanbul-Izmir: 1 hour 05 minutes
    • Ankara-Izmir: 1 hour 20 minutes
    • Ankara-Van: 1 hour 35 minutes
    • Ankara-Antalya: 1 hour 05 minutes
    • Izmir-Istanbul: 1 hour 05 minutes
    • Izmir-Ankara: 1 hour 20 minutes