How you prepare and present your CV or portfolio may be the decisive moment
in your career.

CV Preparation

When you are applying to universities and as you progress further in your career, you will need to develop your CV. Your CV can include skills, education, summer school, and internship experiences, work experience and hobbies.

If you are applying for graduate school, you should emphasize your educational qualifications, and should also demonstrate any published work, research skills and interests you have. Your CV is a platform where you can demonstrate all your abilities in a straightforward fashion.


Portfolio Preparation

Some undergraduate programs such as Architecture, Design, Studio Art, Video Art, Illustration require portfolios in addition to other application materials such as personal statement and reference letters. Each university has certain specifications regarding its portfolio requirement. It is best to create a balanced portfolio that demonstrates your skill and development in multimedia setting. At Puza Academy, we help students create, manage, design and customize their portfolios based on their program and university selection.