We are here to help you feel comfortable
and focused. We will make you feel at home,
far away from your home.


Our counselling service will explain all details of Puza Academy Complete Learning System Complete learning System during the seminar held on the first day of preparation program. Our academic calendar will be handed out to all students, explaining what Puza Academy will accomplish, and what student will need to do in detail; seminar will also provide detailed information on the test students will take.

Our counselling service experts follow up on students’ attendance and homework completion daily, getting in touch with students’ parents in case of any problems in either. Additionally, students and parents can track these reports daily via our Puza Academy Application.

Our counselling service experts analyze weekly subject survey test results to determine weak areas of students and provide additional courses for them to strengthen their weak areas.

Time management during the test, eliminating lack of attention, keeping test anxiety at manageable levels are among the factors that affect your success in the test. During the seminars to be held throughout the year our counsellors explain the students all details of two-pass strategy and reset technique, and monitor whether students utilize these in tests we run.


Our Psychologic Counselling and Guidance Department monitor each and every student regularly. Feedback from our counsellors and teachers will be reviewed, and our training coaches or education psychologists will be contacted to meet the students according to their needs. These meeting are followed up to confirm students’ problems are solved. Other than these meetings, guidance seminars will be held throughout the year. Some of these seminars include:

  • Getting familiar with the test
  • Complete Learning Method and Efficient Studying Techniques
  • Test Solving Techniques
  • Choosing a Career
  • Test Anxiety and Ways to Deal with Stress
  • Time Management

During these seminars, students will go through some tests prepared by our Counselling Service, including Career Choice Test, Test Anxiety Measuring Test, and Attention Tests.

Students who have been identified to have problems with lack of attention, hyperactivity, feeling inadequate due to wrong attitude of family, or low self-esteem will be directed to our educational psychologist. Solutions for such problems will be effectively sought, in contact with their families if needed.



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