For students that have arrived to a new country, it is highly significant to settle and to be accustomed to a new setting as quickly as possible.


Puza Academy will be there by your side from the moment you decide to pursue your education life in Turkey, making every step of your journey easier.

Transportation service

Puza Academy’s transportation team welcomes students and accompanying family members at the airport and provides all necessary transportation on their arrival. This service is provided to all students free of charge.

Accommodation service

Having safe, clean, and comfortable accommodation for the entire academic year affects their academic success significantly. Therefore, we provide guidance services to our students to find best accommodation to suit their expectations and requests. Our counsellors will provide guidance and translation services until students find appropriate accommodation.

Students who wish to stay in dormitories will have access to a select list of elite hostels and dormitories with exclusive Puza Academy discount.

Students who wish to rent an apartment will be provided with assistance to find appropriate choices, as well as guidance for all processes and paperwork regarding lease contract.

This service is provided to all students free of charge.

Opening a bank account

Puza Academy counsellors help students collect required documents and follow the procedure in order to open a bank account. Our counsellors will accompany students to the bank and guide them through the process. This service is provided to all students free of charge.

Insurance service

In order to apply for a residence permit and provide security for potential emergencies, students must get insurance. Appropriate support will be provided for thee students to get private health insurance quickly at affordable prices. Insurance fees shall be paid by the students.

Translation service

Students will have to get all their documents translated to Turkish for residency permit application, registration to Ministry of Education, university application, and certificate of equivalence proceedings. Our team of counsellors will get such documents translated and approved to make these processes easier for students. Translation and notary fees shall be paid by the students.

Residence permit

All required documents are gathered and residency application appointments are made for all our registered students. Students’ files will be completed before residency appointment, and the process will be followed until it is completed in success and student receives the permit. This service is provided to all students free of charge.



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