At Puza Academy, social skills are a key part of learning -and adapting to multi-cultural environment.


At Puza, students take part in many activities and participate in clubs and societies.


Besides classroom activities, extracurricular activities have a significant importance for the experience students will gain throughout their academic life at Puza. Our education system values enhancing the motivation of the students with many activities based on their interests and talents. These activities are planned with different formations of science, art, sports and social responsibilities in order to support our students’ cognitive, emotional, physical and social progress. Students can participate in Cinema Club, Sports Club, Chess Club, Essay Club, or Conversation Club.  There are also activities such as:


Students can compete with each other by joining group activities, and can receive a prize at the end. Football, basketball, chess, Taboo!, scrabble, darts, and debates are some of our activities.

Activities on Special Days

We organize celebration and parties on special days like New Year’s Eve, Newroz Festival, Halloween, Easter, etc. in order to integrate and introduce different cultures.


Daily and Weekend Tours are organized both in Ankara and to the surrounding tourist destinations. Daily Tours provide our students with an opportunity to visit museums and Anıtkabir, while Weekend Tours are organized towards popular touristic destinations outside the city, including Cappadocia, Beypazarı, and Abant Lake.


At Puza Academy, we organize career days on a series of dates to familiarize our students with colleges and departments. We provide presentations about colleges and departments in our conference hall, answering questions from students. Additionally, we organize tours to visit university campuses, providing students with an opportunity to see the campuses they will study in. We also organize some of our tests to be held in these colleges, providing our students with an opportunity to experience real test environment.




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