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If you wish to study in Turkey, your key to Turkish universities is the YÖS test.

Being a simple test, YÖS assesses basic learning skills of an individual who wants to study in Turkish universities. Through a basic, strict and custom-tailored training program, there is no reason to not reach your full potential on the Test Day.

We can help! You will be able to complete your preparations for each and every field you will be tested in, through complete learning method.


    The YÖS Examination is an entrance exam used by Turkish universities to make admission decisions for foreign students who want to study in higher education institutions in Turkey. It is a multiple-choice, pencil-and-paper test. Test results and list of departments that accept the YÖS score is published by the universities themselves.


    The YÖS consists of two tests: the Basic Learning Skills Test and the Turkish Language Proficiency Test.

    The "Basic Learning Skills Test" assesses abstract reasoning. Students who prefer departments/faculties that provide 100% of their courses in English are not obliged to take Turkish Language Proficiency test. This test only determines a student’s potential to attend Turkish Preparatory Class in their first academic year, and result of this test is not necessary for the university enrollment process. Students may take the test after they enroll in their colleges, or during YÖS (Yabancı Öğrenci Sınavı – Test For Foreign Students in Turkey) test as well. This test is used only to determine whether a candidate who has been accepted into a program conducted in Turkish can immediately commence that program or not.



    Each year, students from many different countries enter YÖS test. Education systems these students have been through and their levels of readiness are vastly different. Complete Learning System implemented in Puza Academy helps students comprehend each subject from the very basics, in classes established according to their levels. As class subjects are interrelated and half-learned information will cause problems in later stages, we do not move to a new subject until all students learn current one entirely.

    It is essential to utilize right sources during YÖS preparation process. You must be familiar with question types, and learn subjects thoroughly to be able to analyse each question. You must learn the techniques to apply for each section, and be able to implement them. In Puza Academy, we established a complete curriculum after analysing all previous YÖS tests. Our education materials are prepared based on Complete Learning Method to enable our students to be able to solve all types of questions they may encounter. This material is updated every year after analysing new tests. Our students will have the opportunity to solve unlimited number of questions through smart board materials carefully crafted by our professional staff, quizzes held after each lesson, homework tests given after each class, weekly subject analysis tests, monthly General Tests, mistake/deficiency detection tests applied after each subject is completed, and practice tests applied everyday.

    Methods to apply are also very important to achieve high scores in YÖS tests. Time management during the test, eliminating lack of attention, maintaining test anxiety at manageable levels are among the factors that affect your success in the test. During the seminars to be held throughout the year, our counsellors will explain students all details of two-pass strategy and reset technique, and monitor whether students utilize these in tests we run. Additionally, motivation and test anxiety seminars we organize help our students to take the test in the right psychology.

    During YÖS preparation process, our students are monitored closely in real time, and issues such as attendance, homework completion rates, and test success information to parents by our counsellors. Additionally, students and parents can monitor current attendance, homework, test, and college application results instantaneously via our Puza Academy Application.

    If you want to prepare for YÖS with professional methods and guarantee success, feel free to contact us.


    • YÖS preparation program is held in a separate building reserved for YÖS students only.
    • Throughout the program, students are instructed on Math1, Math2, Geometry, and IQ classes.
    • Students are constantly provided with practice tests and homework tests prepared by Puza Publications Team. These tests are checked by our teachers on a daily basis.
    • Subject tests: At the end of every week, three separate weekly tests are held in maths, geometry and IQ, including subjects taught that week. Scores of these tests are analyzed in order to correct the deficiencies of students by extra lessons.
    • In order to help students remember the subjects covered in previous weeks and keep them ready about previous subjects, General Tests are held monthly, other than subject-specific weekly quizzes. General tests cover all the subjects that have been instructed up to that point. General test scores are analyzed in order to determine and correct weak fields of students by extra lessons.
    • Deficiency Detection Tests: After all subjects have been covered, a comprehensive test is held for each course. All types of questions are covered in these tests, and determined weak areas will be strengthened with extra lessons.
    • Application Tests and Workshops: Application tests and workshops help students focus on their weak areas and increase their scores. If necessary, small groups can be established or one-on-one workshops will be organized to focus on specific problems.
    • Trial Tests: In the last phase of preparations, students will take trial tests everyday, after having completed their studies on subjects. In addition to tests prepared by professional Puza Academy staff parallel to the real test, students will also have the opportunity to take previous years’ tests. Sometimes YÖS tests held by universities can be scheduled to different hours on the same day; in order to help students keep up with such a tempo, some of our trial tests will be held in two separate sessions on the same day, in the morning and in the afternoon. Students will be observed to determine whether they are implementing the techniques they learned before, or whether they are experiencing specific problems. Such problems will be addressed after each test, and students will be able to reach their highest potential before the test.
    • All videos of the solutions of the exam questions are on the Puza Mobile Application for students to watch!
    • Students and parents can monitor attendance, homework, test, and college application results instantaneously via our Puza Academy Application.